feminist research methods international conference stockholm uni

at the Centre for Gender Studies at Stockholm University 4-6 february. The site is here

there will be a seminar on material feminism(s) amongst others,

“This workshop will highlight how thinking about the material, specifically the materiality
of the human body and physical world, currently forms a cutting edge of feminist theory
and empirical social science analysis. Material feminisms (e.g., Alaimo and Hekman,
2008), disrupt familiar binaries such as mind/body, culture/nature, and object/subject

Drawing on the work of Barad, Braidotti, Butler, Deleuze and Guattari, Haraway, Mol,
Smith, Lather, Grosz, and Mojab, this workshop will address the following questions:
· What is materiality and how can it be reinterpreted in the context of feminist
methodology that rejects binaries between the discursive and material?
· Is materiality another form of text that perhaps has been neglected but merits
greater attention?
· How do practices (en)gender multiple material ‘realities’?
· How can feminist researchers use the material toward an interruptive
understanding of the social order?
· What does it mean to conceptualise the material as ‘agentic and performative’?
· What are the possibilities for productive repercussions with an engagement
between the seemingly disparate perspectives of poststructural feminist theory
and critical feminist theory? Can new epistemological and ontological
understandings be produced?”.

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