end of year 1

this has been a particularly busy period, hence the absence. As I completed the report of the pilot study, I started thinking about the next case study- making outlines and reading around. Then I presented my work so far at the Departmental DPhil day- this was the first public presentation of my work and turned out to be very interesting in terms of feedback, especially as I had anticipated a different sort of feedback. The presentation itself as a process, the publicity and the feedback raised questions for me- which I now have to tackle with a position paper. At first I thought that these issues were methodological and perhaps epistemological and that I would have to work further on my methodology chapter. This need still remains to be addressed- for example I was particularly interested in the construction of agent and subject in the research context and the materiality of this context. It seems however that these questions can wait and perhaps at this point would take me further away from the difficulty I have to face- and that is to articulate a position towards the theme I am writing about, namely queer and feminist activism. I have been escaping from this task all year, mainly because still don’t feel sufficiently informed to have a position. But I have been directly asked to do this and sooner or later it would happen. I know that this is not a final ‘static’ position and only this way I can even start thinking about it. So I am now faced with some uncomfortable little ‘truths’ about my own political clingings and how they might be framed, in this sea of -isms and -ists.

In any case, this is a productive period, and a wildly exciting new era to be discovered for me, and this the  feminist scholarly work around biotechnologies, bioethics. I am a little behind with this work, but I am starting to have a vague idea about the feminist issues in this field of debates- and even though this is early to say, I think I am impressed with the clarity of arguments. But most of all I think I am enthusiastic about this whole new field of interest for me- once I have completed a stage of introductory reading I will formulate the focus for my case study.

Meanwhile, I have been accepted at the ECREA Doctoral Summer School and will spend two weeks there in August. And I am co-organising the Biodigital Lives workshop at Sussex in July, which I think will be by far one of the most intellectually intriguing events of the year.

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