exploring #1

My performance/ queer/feminist/ art/ porn quest has had some interesting finds, such as Munchausen, by Susanne Oberbeck and the documentary maker Jules Rosskam (US).

Susanne Oberbeck has been a short-film maker (and did a short film with Kate Moennig of L-Word) and is now performing/ singing for the band No Bra (or here), with her tits exposed and wearing a moustache- of which she says:

‘I’m not wearing the moustache to shock. It just seems more appropriate and, like I said, I think it looks good. Also, if you get your tits out, you have to maintain a balance or else it would look like I was trying to do a strip show’ (Gilrs Like Us Magazine, 2006).

No Bra’s Munchaousen video (2005) is a pissing contest between ‘compulsive men’ which here stands for compulsive liars.

‘We wanted to “absurdify” the idea of achievement,’ explains Oberbeck. ‘Typical male competitiveness taken to the limit. It’s a parody of a certain kind of British culture’ (DIVA Lesbian Magazine, 2005?).

Her work is about subverting gendered identities using humour.

‘Consumerism capitalises on the obsession with sexual identity. People want to escape from who they are, but when they have to get jobs, they have to be male or female. It has to be clear. A lot of men want to be women, or vice versa’ (DIVA Lesbian Magazine).

Jules Rosskam is a trans filmmaker, artist and activist who is now working on a documentary called Transfeminism. A clip from Against a Trans Narrative.

Munchausen, Susanne OberbeckM

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