NGender Graduate Seminars at Sussex

This year I am again organising the NGender graduate seminars at Sussex, with Rachel Wood (presenting on the 1st March), at the School of Media Film and Music. The seminars are interdisciplinary, but mainly around sexuality and gender, and the speakers come from all over the country. All welcome – we hold the seminars for 50 minutes, every Tuesday 1-2pm in the Silverstone Building Room 317. We then usually move to the Dharba cafe for a chat. I’m presenting on the 15th of March.  Here is the ngender_programme:

18th January

Dr Maribel Blázquez Rodriguez (Institute Development Studies & Universidad Complutense Madrid )

‘Sexual And Reproductive Policy In Spain’

Chair: Ana Porroche Escudero

25th January

Jane Traies (Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies, Sussex)

‘The Lives of British Lesbians Over Sixty: Early findings’

Chair: Dr Rachel Cohen

1st February

Maria do Mar Pereira (Gender Institute, LSE)

‘Gender Studies is Relevant But…: Interrogating the Partial Recognition of Feminist Scholarship in the Social Sciences’

Chair: Dr. Shamira Meghani

8th February

Benjamin Michael Litherland (Media and Film, Sussex)

‘Hitman vs Fatton’s Tale of the Tape: Boxing, Binging and Masculinity’

Chair: Nick McGlynn

15th February

Michal Jahns (Media, Culture and Language, Roehampton University)

‘Debating Gender and Language’

Chair: Dr Olu Jenzen

1st March

Rachel Wood (Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies, Sussex)

’’Intelligible sexualities in and out of the closet”

Chair: Andy Medhurst

8th March

Cassandra Smith (English, Sussex)

‘Reclaiming Scars: Thinking through Trans Bodies’

Chair: Dr Akshay Khanna

15th March

Aristea Fotopoulou (Centre for Digital Material Culture, Sussex)

‘Feminist publics and policy shifts around egg donation’

Chair: Dr Kate O’Riordan

3rd May

Amanda Kidd (Education and Sociology, University of Bristol)

‘Beauty Therapy Training: Symbolic Violence and the Reproduction of Femininity’

Chair: Laurence Clennett-Sirois

10th May

Hannah Warren (Social Anthropology, Sussex)

The ideologies and practice of gender and development work in Ghana’

Chair: Synne Laastad Dyvik

17th May

Wibke Straube (Gender Studies, Linköping University)

‘Synaesthetic Politics and Transgender Films’

Chair: Daniel Ploeger

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