Digital ways of knowing: an art science interface? Workshop 19 June 2012

On Tuesday I will be doing a short paper at the workshop ‘Digital ways of knowing: an art science interface?’. This will take place between 1pm-6pm, at the ACCA Creativity Zone (Pevensey III, Room C7), University of Sussex. The main question which this workshop will address is:

How do digital systems, technologies or languages shape your discipline or research area? What are the advantages and opportunities offered by this and what are the difficulties, in relation to your research or disciplinary area? These shapings, opportunities and problems might be conceptual and/or practical.

I am really excited about the event, not only because it will give me an opportunity to discuss my research by addressing these key questions, but also because it will bring together so many great scholars from different disciplinary fields. I’ll update this post soon with an abstract and reflections on the day.

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