Summertime and some planning

The blog enters its postdoc phases in the new academic year and after the summertime siesta. There are a few exciting research projects that I’m going to be involved in throughout the year, so I plan to publish short posts about different but intersecting academic interests. Updates on the Storycircle project, which I joined as a research assistant in July, appear here. Apart from thinking about digital media, public engagement and expertise, I’m also going to be thinking a lot about smart grids, wearable sensors and synthetic meat, especially once my  28-month research fellowship in the EPINET project commences in January.

In preparation is at the moment my book review for the Gender, Media, Film and Cultural Studies section of the Times Higher Education (THE) Textbook guide (Issue November 2012). This means that I’ve skimmed through a few interesting books in the process – short reviews of which I’ll provide here. I may find time to write about the excellent times at Crossroads ACS in Paris, hopefully before ECREA in October. But my priority is to post my bit about Lilith’s Brood, Octavia Butler‘s science fiction trilogy that I enjoyed reading over the summer vacation (Wikipedia provides the further reading list, which I haven’t checked but pasted below) – and possibly a bit about the Windup Girl

Further reading

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