Django or Rango? Communication hiccup, cynicism and unspeakable things unseen

I overheard a few media and communication studies MA students miscommunicate yesterday – some seemed to be talking about Tarantino’s new film Django while others seemed to ‘love Rango‘, the thoroughly enjoyable 2011 animation film. Now, I’ve stopped watching Tarantino admittedly a bit late, and certainly a long time after I’d stopped watching that other misogynist, Lars for Trier (how people will pay to watch his films completely eludes me, for me Breaking the waves just went too far and not even Bjork convinced me to go back to the theatre ever again – I’m decidedly illiterate about some things, despite being a media scholar).

But it’s actually still interesting for me to read about how people engage with Tarantino’s films – for instance this ms. blog about unspeakable things unseen – and in fact, I just went back to read this really intense bell hooks (1996) chapter on cynicism, Tarantino and Hollywood – ‘the place where white supremacist capitalist patriarchy keeps reinventing itself, no matter how many times the West is decentered’ (p.30). Strong stuff.

It’s funny to thing about the moment when the MA students realised the communication hiccup though.

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