New webpage for the Tracking biodata project

logoThe new project has a website! It’s

The  research project Tracking biodata: sharing and ownership is led by Dr Aristea Fotopoulou, based at the University of Sussex (Media Department), and is funded by the RCUK Digital Economy Nemode network. The project is a pilot research, starting in October 2013 (till May 2014), which examines social and policy implications of emerging models of sharing and ownership, in relation to the use of personal data & biodata for medical research and other purposes. It focuses on

a) user practices and

b) online service provision models  of personal data analytics and self-tracking.

It will involve interviews and participant observation with specific Silicon Valley internet start-ups & Quantified Self actors in the San Francisco Bay area. The project is attached to a research placement at the Science and Justice Research Center, University of Santa Cruz, in Spring 2014.

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