Can data be neutral?

This Side of Reality, episode 3. Event hosted by CJ Thorpe at 68 Middle Street. Broadcast live from the event on TotallyRadio DAB and Brighton Digital Festival 2017 (12 October 2017)  (Listen to it on iTunes, TotallyRadio and SoundCloud) .

Gender and self-tracking. Podcast

Gender and self-tracking, Digital Health/Digital capitalism podcast series with Chris Till, Episode 8, This is not a Sociology Blog. Read more about it here.

Speak Your Truth at IWD2018

 Speak Your Truth panel, SheSays Brighton, International Women’s Day. 8th March 2018 at the FABRICA, Brighton UK. Read more about it here

Women of Impact feature

Envisioning responsible innovation, in the Women of Impact feature, University of Brighton, 2018.

Interview, University of Queensland

Interview, Feminist Activism and the Digital, University of Queensland, Centre for Communication and Social Change.

Quantified Self article at Open Democracy

The Quantified Self community, lifelogging and the making of “smart” publics, commentary in Participation Now Section, Open Democracy Blog, 10 September 2014.

Artwork for special issue cover

Cover artwork for Rethinking Sex, special issue of: GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, (Volume: 17, Issue: 1, edited by Ann Cvetkovich, Annamarie Jagose, Heather K. Love). January 2011.

GScene blogs

Digital storytelling for the V-Day campaign, GScene, March 2012, p. 67 Digital lives and LGBT politics, GScene, January 2011, p.57

Talk at Data Power Conference, 2019

A video recording of the talk “Understanding data power from a feminist perspective”, which I gave at the 3rd International DATA POWER Conference global in/securities, can be accessed here. (hosted by the ZeMKI, Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research, University of Bremen in cooperation with the Universities of Carleton, Canada, and Sheffield, UK, 12-13 September 2019) You […]

Art responses to COVID19 – The Polyphony

A review of early artistic responses to Covid-19, which has been published in the The Polyphony: conversations across the medical humanities. The article offers insights into how emerging artwork tackles key issues arising from the crisis. Written by the researchers of the ART/DATA/HEALTH project.