Invited talks & keynotes

2023 Invited talks

12 May 2023. Keynote at the conference “Rewired and revamped? Media and transnational feminisms in Europe and beyond”. Tampere University (Finland), Faculty of Information Technologies and Communication.

2022 Invited talks

14 June 2022. Ethics of Care and Community in AI and Data Practice Workshop; co-sponsored by the AI Ethics and Society group at the University of Edinburgh and the Centre for Technomoral Futures. Edinburgh, UK.

2021 – Invited talks

25 March 2021. Keynote response for Authenticating Figures: Algorithms and the New Politics of Recognition, Wendy Choon. New Materialist Informatics, Kassel, Germany.

2020 – Invited talks

  • Keynote, “Feminism, data studies and future solidarities: towards a production of standpoints” at Futures of Feminist and Queer Solidarities: Connectivity, Materiality, Mobility in a Digitalized World Conference, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. September 30 – October 2, 2020.
  • Cancelled due to COvid-19* at Digital media and citizens’ participation in healthcare conference. University of Plymouth, organised by Monash University project “Patients use of digital media” project. June 2020.
  • “Theorising critical data literacies for advocacy”. Critical Big Data Literacy workshop. 20 February 2020. Center for Advanced Internet Studies, Bochum, Germany.
  • “Building an interface between art and data science for health and wellbeing”. BSA MEDSOC South Coast Study Group Symposium. 5 February 2020. University of Southampton, UK.

2019 – Invited talks

2018 – Invited talks

  • “Data practices, social justice and feminist care ethics”, at Data and Datafication event of the Digital Societies launch. University of Surrey, Sociology. 14 December 2018. UK.
  • Audiences, datafication and the everyday: Challenges, ambitions and prioritiesfor audience studies in datafied societies roundtable. Pre-conference Audience Research Section, Audience Research and Data, at the 7th European Communication Conference (ECC), 31 October 2018, Lugano, Switzerland.

2017- Invited talks

  • Brocher Foundation, Geneva, Monash University. Workshop Citizens’s use of digital media to connect with healthcare: exploring the socio-ethical and regulatory implications, June 2017.
  • Media and Communications, Leeds University. Feminist Activism and Digital Networks, Book.

2016 – Invited talks

  • University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies, Series ‘Trajectories of Publicness and Contestation’ series, workshop Materiality, Publicness and Digital Media, 25-26 October 2016.
  • AioR Berlin 2016, 5-8 October. Feminism and the Quantified Self, Panel Bolies and Roundtable Feminist Big Data.
  • SOME Seminars, The Missing Actor: The Meaning of Political Cultures for Media/Movements Interactions, University of Florence/ Goldsmiths, 21st and 22nd of April 2016.

 Invited talks & conferences before 2016


  • Biopedagogy and the dataified self: Fitness wearables and big data. Digital Culture and Communication Section in ECREA, University of Saltzburg 26-28 November 2015, Center for Advanced Studies and Research in Information and Communication Technologies & Society.
  • Training to self-care: Fitness tracking and the knowledgeable consumer (with Kate O’Riordan), 4S Conference (Society for Social Studies of Science), Denver, Colorado, 11-14 November 2015. Session: WEARABLES, SELF-TRACKING AND QUANTIFIED SELVES: EMERGING PERSPECTIVES.
  • Biosensory experiences and media materiality (with Kate O’Riordan). IR16, October 21-24, Phoenix, Arizona USA.
  • Training to Self-Care: Knowledge, Power, and Fitness Data, Data Power Conference, 22nd & 23rd June, University of Sheffield, UK.


  • Quantified Self community, wearables and the making of ‘smart’ publics at Biosensors, Art and Publics, University of Sussex, 30 October 2014 (invited).
  • Quantifying the self: All these yearnings, all these data, at Crossroads 2014 Cultural Studies Conference, Tampere, Finland, 1-4 July 2014
  • Social Analytics: Doing Digital Phenomenology in the Face of Algorithmic Power, with Nick Couldry, ICA Seattle, US. 23 May 2014 (Sheraton, Redwood B).
  • The televised launch of the first in-vitro meat burger as a media event, at Justice in a More than Human World: Collaboration or Exploitation? Working with living systems across the arts and sciences. Meat cultures, panel with Oron Catts, February 28, 2014, Science and Justice, UCSC.
  • Climbing Gotzilla with Fitbit, at OpenLab, University of California Santa Cruz, 19th February 2014
  • ‘All these emotions, all these yearnings, all these data’: platform openess, data sharing and visions of democracy, at Center for Cultural Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz, 5th February 2014


  • Digital and networked by default? Feminist politics media lived at Queer, Feminist and Social Media Praxis, University of Sussex, 17 May 2013.
  • Publics then, now and beyond workshop, The Open University, 4 – 5 June 2013 (invited).
  • Digital Citizenship, Narrative Exchange and the Changing Terms of Civic Culture (Storycircle Project, presented by Dr Hilde C. Stephansen) at Citizen Media: New Mediations of Civic Engagement, 13-14 |June, University of Manchester
  • Telling the story of the stories: imaginaries and materializations of digital engagement, at ICA 2013 London (International Communication Association), 20 June 2013, Panel The Materiality of Voice: International Perspectives on Digital Storytelling Practice.
  • Feminist spaces and digital methodologies: Mapping the issue of reproductive technologies as a social controversy, at the FWSA 2013 conference ‘The Lady Doth Protest: Mapping Feminist Movements, Moments and Mobilisations’, 21 – 23 June 2013 (Feminist and Women’s Studies Association, UK & Ireland).




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