Invited talks & keynotes

2020 – Invited talks

  • Keynote, “Feminism, data studies and future solidarities: towards a production of standpoints” at Futures of Feminist and Queer Solidarities: Connectivity, Materiality, Mobility in a Digitalized World Conference, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. September 30 – October 2, 2020.
  • Cancelled due to COvid-19* at Digital media and citizens’ participation in healthcare conference. University of Plymouth, organised by Monash University project “Patients use of digital media” project. June 2020.
  • “Theorising critical data literacies for advocacy”. Critical Big Data Literacy workshop. 20 February 2020. Center for Advanced Internet Studies, Bochum, Germany.
  • “Building an interface between art and data science for health and wellbeing”. BSA MEDSOC South Coast Study Group Symposium. 5 February 2020. University of Southampton, UK.

2019 – Invited talks

2018 – Invited talks

  • “Data practices, social justice and feminist care ethics”, at Data and Datafication event of the Digital Societies launch. University of Surrey, Sociology. 14 December 2018. UK.
  • Audiences, datafication and the everyday: Challenges, ambitions and prioritiesfor audience studies in datafied societies roundtable. Pre-conference Audience Research Section, Audience Research and Data, at the 7th European Communication Conference (ECC), 31 October 2018, Lugano, Switzerland.

2017- Invited talks

  • Brocher Foundation, Geneva, Monash University. Workshop Citizens’s use of digital media to connect with healthcare: exploring the socio-ethical and regulatory implications, June 2017.
  • Media and Communications, Leeds University. Feminist Activism and Digital Networks, Book.

2016 – Invited talks

  • University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies, Series ‘Trajectories of Publicness and Contestation’ series, workshop Materiality, Publicness and Digital Media, 25-26 October 2016.
  • AioR Berlin 2016, 5-8 October. Feminism and the Quantified Self, Panel Bolies and Roundtable Feminist Big Data.
  • SOME Seminars, The Missing Actor: The Meaning of Political Cultures for Media/Movements Interactions, University of Florence/ Goldsmiths, 21st and 22nd of April 2016.

 Invited talks & conferences before 2016


  • Biopedagogy and the dataified self: Fitness wearables and big data. Digital Culture and Communication Section in ECREA, University of Saltzburg 26-28 November 2015, Center for Advanced Studies and Research in Information and Communication Technologies & Society.
  • Training to self-care: Fitness tracking and the knowledgeable consumer (with Kate O’Riordan), 4S Conference (Society for Social Studies of Science), Denver, Colorado, 11-14 November 2015. Session: WEARABLES, SELF-TRACKING AND QUANTIFIED SELVES: EMERGING PERSPECTIVES.
  • Biosensory experiences and media materiality (with Kate O’Riordan). IR16, October 21-24, Phoenix, Arizona USA.
  • Training to Self-Care: Knowledge, Power, and Fitness Data, Data Power Conference, 22nd & 23rd June, University of Sheffield, UK.


  • Quantified Self community, wearables and the making of ‘smart’ publics at Biosensors, Art and Publics, University of Sussex, 30 October 2014 (invited).
  • Quantifying the self: All these yearnings, all these data, at Crossroads 2014 Cultural Studies Conference, Tampere, Finland, 1-4 July 2014
  • Social Analytics: Doing Digital Phenomenology in the Face of Algorithmic Power, with Nick Couldry, ICA Seattle, US. 23 May 2014 (Sheraton, Redwood B).
  • The televised launch of the first in-vitro meat burger as a media event, at Justice in a More than Human World: Collaboration or Exploitation? Working with living systems across the arts and sciences. Meat cultures, panel with Oron Catts, February 28, 2014, Science and Justice, UCSC.
  • Climbing Gotzilla with Fitbit, at OpenLab, University of California Santa Cruz, 19th February 2014
  • ‘All these emotions, all these yearnings, all these data’: platform openess, data sharing and visions of democracy, at Center for Cultural Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz, 5th February 2014


  • Digital and networked by default? Feminist politics media lived at Queer, Feminist and Social Media Praxis, University of Sussex, 17 May 2013.
  • Publics then, now and beyond workshop, The Open University, 4 – 5 June 2013 (invited).
  • Digital Citizenship, Narrative Exchange and the Changing Terms of Civic Culture (Storycircle Project, presented by Dr Hilde C. Stephansen) at Citizen Media: New Mediations of Civic Engagement, 13-14 |June, University of Manchester
  • Telling the story of the stories: imaginaries and materializations of digital engagement, at ICA 2013 London (International Communication Association), 20 June 2013, Panel The Materiality of Voice: International Perspectives on Digital Storytelling Practice.
  • Feminist spaces and digital methodologies: Mapping the issue of reproductive technologies as a social controversy, at the FWSA 2013 conference ‘The Lady Doth Protest: Mapping Feminist Movements, Moments and Mobilisations’, 21 – 23 June 2013 (Feminist and Women’s Studies Association, UK & Ireland).




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