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New webpage for the Tracking biodata project

logoThe new project has a website! It’s https://trackingbiodataproject.wordpress.com/

TheĀ  research project Tracking biodata: sharing and ownership is led by Dr Aristea Fotopoulou, based at the University of Sussex (Media Department), and is funded by the RCUK Digital Economy Nemode network. The project is a pilot research, starting in October 2013 (till May 2014), which examines social and policy implications of emerging models of sharing and ownership, in relation to the use of personal data & biodata for medical research and other purposes. It focuses on

a) user practices and

b) online service provision modelsĀ  of personal data analytics and self-tracking.

It will involve interviews and participant observation with specific Silicon Valley internet start-ups & Quantified Self actors in the San Francisco Bay area. The project is attached to a research placement at the Science and Justice Research Center, University of Santa Cruz, in Spring 2014.

Quantified Self round-up from 4S and QS San Francisco Conferences

This year the 4S conference in San Diego was taking place at the same time as the Quantified Self Conference in San Francisco, and I couldn’t be at two places at the same time – but thanks to Twitter I kind of followed what was going on in QS whilst being in the weird setting of the 4S conference – though I am more hooked up to what’s going on at IR14 right now. QS research has exploded really during the last few months, which is good news for me, since I’ve only just started my Tracking biodata project, and I feel confident being within a stable community of researcers working on algorithmic living, after the gatherings at 4S-QS-IR14. Two very recent blogs have summaried the papers presented at 4S and QS and have noted the complex relationship between Quantified Self and academic researchers: in Cyborgology and in the Quantified Self network blog – hopefully a similar blog will update those of us who couldn’t be there about what happened in Denver.