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CFP Queer, Feminist and social media praxis Workshop, 17 May 2013

The Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies

announces the

Queer, Feminist and social media praxis Workshop

17 May 2013 – University of Sussex, Brighton

Keynote speaker: Prof Alex Juhasz (Pitzer College US, Fembot)

Call for papers

How do social media enable queer and feminist activism?

How does imagining queer & feminist futures link with social media?

How can we understand the interconnections between radical art practices and cyberfeminisms?

What role does science and technology play in shaping social practices and cultural identities?

Feminism, queer activism and queer studies have engaged with questions of technology, computing, and social media. In this workshop we are interested in exploring a range of themes around mediation and gender/sexuality activism – and particularly how digital technologies, art and social media can present possibilities or impossibilities for social equality.

The aim of the workshop is to enable a productive dialogue between different researchers, activists, artists and dimensions of community. We hope that this will lead to new forms of engagement and new collaborations between communities and academics. The workshop is linked to the second annual conference of the International Feminist Journal of Politics, (Im)possibly Queer International Feminisms, between May 17-19, 2013. We are inviting local activist groups to participate. Continue reading