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chapter in book

I did a chapter for the ‘Communicative approaches to politics and ethics in Europe’ ECREA book.  It is

called ‘Translocal connectivity and political identity: Brighton queer cultural activism’. Here is the book announcement:


It is our pleasure to announce the publication of our fourth ECREA Summer School Book, entitled
“Communicative approaches to politics and ethics in Europe. The intellectual work of the 2009
ECREA European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School,” edited by Nico Carpentier, Pille
Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, Richard Kilborn, Tobias Olsson, Hannu Nieminen, Ebba Sundin and Kaarle
Nordenstreng. You can download a PDF-version of this book – free of charge – from the Summer
School website (http://www.comsummerschool.org), or the Researching and Teaching Communication
Series website (http://www.researchingcommunication.eu/).

Thedirect link to the book is: http://www.researchingcommunication.eu/reco_book5.pdf.
A print version can be ordered by sending an email to bookshop@ut.ee.

This book includes a series of papers that were presented by lecturers and PhD-students at the
ECREA European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School, in August 2009 in Tartu (Estonia)
(supported by a European Commission Socrates Erasmus IP Project (contract number:
69935-IC-1-2007-EE-ERASMUS- EUC-1), the European Communication Research and Education Association (www.ecrea.eu), the University of Tartu – the Department of Journalism and Communication

(www.jrnl.ut.ee), the Danish National Research School for Media, Communication and Journalism,
the Finnish National Research School and a consortium of 22 universities.