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Salford Lads Club and The Smiths

As part of the Storycircle research project (a multidisciplinary action research project based in the Dept of Media and Communications, Goldsmiths, University of London), I’m working in a fascinating case study which involves the Salford Lads Club. I thought I’d share here my excitement and some links to digital traces of the Club (their Facebook page is here). The Club holds a great archive of their contribution to the lives of Manchester’s working class boys (and nowadays, girls) and has developed an amazing digital timeline of the 100 Camps. But what is also special about the Club is its relationship to The Smiths – not only do they have a specially designated room (this charming shrine, as The Guardian wrote) for fans of the band, but there is an interesting Storify collection of photographs by fans photographed outside the Club (some posing a bit more convincingly than others as Morrissey, photographed by¬†Stephen Wright for The Queen in Dead LP in-lay) that keep being uploaded – and of course the book. Amazing.